Coach Diaz's Bio

Before 257lbs      After 177lbs      Time 9 Months

- Was an Assistant General Manager at 24 Hour Fitness 3 Years

- Studied Athletic Training at Oxnard College and learned basic mechanism of injuries, signs and symptoms, initial treatment, and rehabilitation of a variety of injuries common to athletics. Also learned some basic tape jobs skills

- Administered Chiropractic Spinal Screenings for Kalani Total Health Center

- Became a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certifed Personal Trainer (NASM - CPT) in 2012 which is an NCCA Accredited Certification; used this to support his family and newborn son Gabriel

- Certified Core Conditioning Specialist to help clients to get those 6 pack abs

- Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor which will lighten gravity to allow safe recovery workouts while adding lean muscle tissue and burning off calories at the same time

- Certified Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Conditioning Coach

- Certified Personal Fitness Chef is where Michael can show you how to cook healthier versions of what you are currently eating making dieting easy

- Certified Physique & Figure Training Specialist is a unique knowledge used to give you precise requested diameter measurements

If you are committed to taking the fitness adventure to the real inner you with a professional, empathetic, totally there for you personal trainer, please contact me asap!