MD Fitness Testimonials

"Mike is a really good trainer to have. If you are in pain he will work with you to help it out and still the work out done as close as he can. If you are running late, you let him know about it he understands well about it. Mike doesn’t make you do anything that will hurt you, if you can’t do a certain amount of weight he will lower the weight with no questions asked. So my opinion Mike will be a good trainer for anybody to work out with and feel good at his place."


-Roy Saunders

"I love how he is really understanding and flexible! Great workouts! He guides you through every step and never walk away from you until you finish your workouts!"


-Elva Rosas

"I am very happy to train here. The workout routines are ever-changing, fun, challenging and provide immediate results. Having a certified personal trainer is simply great.
There is no substitute for skills in a good coach. As long as you keep showing up, Mike will push you to achieve your goals after a careful and ongoing assessment of your fitness. With over 15 years of playing soccer, half of which at a decent level, and now having a personal trainer again, is of major importance for me. Because Mike is also capable of helping with sports injuries, different pain and aches, by applying different physical therapy techniques when needed. This is a nice startup for Ahwahnee and I hope Mike stays in business for quite some time."


-Yuli Gotsev

"I've been training with Mike for about a month now, and I can definitely say that since I started working with him.. the changes have been truly amazing!! I already feel stronger than I've ever felt... and my clothes are loser which to me is always a strong indication that the training is working!

I can't say enough about how easy working with Mike is.. he is so patient and such an amazing person. He knows exactly what kind of training you need to fulfill your fitness goals. Every time I train with him, I notice a different muscle being worked and that to me is amazing!!

I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to fulfill their fitness goals and obtaining the body they've always wanted. He will absolutely get you there and keep you motivated and encouraged!!

Thank you Mike, not only are you an amazing person, but you are truly awesome at what you do!!"

-Melanie Wilbourn


"Prior to doing personal training, I was diagnosed with sciatica and a shortened leg. Coach Mike is helping me to correct sciatica and fix the uneven hips. I am noticing a big difference in my gait, posture and body mechanics in such a short amount of time. I love the challenge and how Coach Mike makes working out a learning experience. He's a great trainer and I do highly recommend him."

-Donna Barker

Mike is my and my Sons personal trainer. He is knowledgeable, motivated, and keeps us motivated. Look forward to every training session. 💪 We Love MD Fitness!!!💛💚💙💜

-Jessica Haar

Great trainer! Makes you feel like family. Very attentive to your needs. Mike has really helped in my recovery from a knee replacement surgery.


-Cindy Bishop

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