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Personal Trainer in Oakhurst area

COACH ANGELA DIAZ grew up in the Philippines with a love for cooking fruits and vegetables. She also liked playing sports especially basketball and volleyball. From a young age she had bad migraines and struggled with being overweight to a point where her family teased her and nicknamed her “pig.” Food was a solution for the depression but a problem at the same time causing bad weight gain.


Angela met Coach Mike and once they were married, she trained with him. Coach Mike pushed her to break an old tradition of pain and misery. Angela was in the best shape of her life losing 36lbs going from her heaviest at 150lbs down to 114lbs. Her family can now no longer call her the hurtful name “pig!” With her current Personal Training skills and Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Certification she is NOW ready to help you also get in the best shape of your life.

Angela Before and After.png
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