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Where do I begin? I lost 20lbs of straight fat, and counting, in three months working with Coach Mike. That’s a good place to start. Mike challenged me from day 1. Pushed me with every workout, always listening to me, paying attention to my body and making adjustments when needed. Dude knows his stuff. I left every session feeling better physically (and about myself) every time. It’s not hyperbole to say that he’s transformed me and helped me to have the confidence to carry on. It’s by far been the best investment in my physical and mental wellbeing to date. I highly, highly recommend MD Fitness.

- John O'Connor

I wish I came here sooner!! The workout is fun and the coaches are great. I encourage anyone who wants to get in shape to come. I’m very thankful for MD Fitness.

- Cynthia Ro

In the first 30 days, im feeling energetic, it's giving me a positive attitude working on my health. I'm looking forward to going another month of fitness at MD Fitness.

- Charles Lewis

Coach Mike and Angela are the kindest people who are so very knowledgable, and caring! Whatever you need (getting in shape, meal prep, motivation, stretching to get your body aligned, nutrition, etc. you name it, they can help you! Their gym has all of the equipment and it's so very clean! I highly reccomend this business!

- Michelle Bradford

Mike is an outstanding fitness professional. His expertise and his cheerful attitude make training sessions go by in a flash, and make it way more fun to work out. My wife and I signed up for a 1-month intensive 3 hours/week training program. Mike made it easy to work together and fit the workouts in our busy schedules, adjusted the workouts to our needs and preferences, and pushed us to do more than we thought was possible. We left each session feeling strong and energized. We'd highly recommend MD Fitness as the best personal training in the area.

- Romain Levy

MDFitness has changed my view on exercising and working out! Before this, I never liked exercising or had stuck with a routine for more than 3 weeks, and I had never stepped foot in a gym. Coach Mike made me feel so comfortable, and I never felt judged for not knowing how to exercise. He always demonstrated each workout and showed me proper form. After consistently attending every week for a year, I am happy to say that I now enjoy exercising and feel confident in working out! Thank you Coach Mike! ◡̈

- Lily Martinez, Ahwahnee

Was always a pleasure coming into
MD Fitness. Great service and amazing results. I can't give more than a 5 star other wise it would be Higher

- Mason G.,  Oakhurst

Our whole family loves MD Fitness! Both of my teen daughters are athletes and needed help with very specific areas related to their sport. Within a month after they started working with them, we already saw a huge improvement in their athletic abilities as well as less pain in their knees, ankles, and backs. Mike and Angela have the knowledge and expertise to help anyone, whether they’re looking for specialized sports training, injury recovery, or just their overall health and wellness. My daughters now have a great foundation and appreciation for fitness and proper nutrition. Mike and Angela are always smiling and positive. We’re so thankful we found them; they truly care about their clients.

- RN/BSN Renee Casner, Mariposa, CA

“Working out at MD Fitness has been a positive experience for me. Coach Mike Diaz was able to get me ready for an multi day backpacking trip. Coach Mike talked to me about my goals and he tailored a effective work out routine to prepare me for the rigors of backpacking and to generally get me in better shape. Coach Mike has extensive knowledge on creating effective workout routines, he targets small muscle groups, that improve overall fitness. It has been several months now that I have been working with Coach Mike, I am surprised of the changes to my overall conditioning, and days backpacking and hiking are more enjoyable. Facilities at MD Fitness are clean, comfortable, and well equipped. I highly recommend training with Coach Mike to get in a tune up before you next backcountry hike, or to get in better overall shape!”

  -Mark Donahue


“Mike is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about your rehabilitation. I highly recommend this family owned business to anyone looking to better their physical and mental health. It is a joy to workout with someone with your best interests in mind.”

  -Pastor/Coach Tim Miller


“I’ve been training with Mike & Angela at MD Fitness for over a year and absolutely love it! Not only am I seeing the best results I’ve ever had, it’s also a joy to work out there. Mike & Angela are great at what they do AND are exceedingly kind people as well. Highly recommend!”

  -Austin Riva


“All I can say is THANK YOU to my friend for encouraging me to go, and to Mike and Maria for their support, knowledge and willingness to help me regain my life back with less pain and more energy. I can't say enough about MDFITNESS in Ahwahnee!! I will keep posting progress. Best thing I've done for myself in years! Thank you Mike and Maria!!”

  -Valarie Shaffer


“The best personal trainer I've had in my 40+ years of striving for fitness! Coach Mike tailors my program to my specific needs and goals. He takes the time to encourage me to breath and to keep the correct posture to maximize my workout without Injury or undue stress on my body. Mike listens to my feedback and adjusts my workouts as needed. I leave feeling tired but energized. I highly recommend this for every body type and fitness goal. Mike and his wife co-coach Angela are a great team!”

  -Donna Davis


“Excellent coach, I highly recommend him. If you need to get in shape, coach Mike is the guy.”

  -Mike Stephany


“Before I began at MD Fitness I had a membership to a gym and would go 5 to 6 days a week making up my own workout “plans”. I had some decent results for a while but I eventually hit a wall and my progress stopped. I was spending more and more time exercising but getting less and less results. I also had developed knee problems from running, tendonitis in my elbows, and pain and loss of mobility in my shoulders from using bad form and over lifting. I had been to doctors and physical therapists and was seriously considering surgery on my knees.

A friend of mine told me he had been working out with coach Mike at MD Fitness, and how he was getting incredible results doing 30 minute workouts for only 2-3 days a week. I had never worked with a trainer before, but I gave it a shot. I was hooked from the first time. Mike had me doing exercises I would never have dreamed of doing, strengthening my core, boosting my metabolism, and strengthening all the areas around my joints that were causing me pain. All of this in just a 30 minute session!


I have been training at MD fitness for 6 months now. In that time my knee pain has virtually disappeared. I have added about 10 pounds of lean muscle to my body, and the inflammation in my joints is much more manageable. I’m coming up on 40 and I really feel and look the best I ever have!

MD Fitness’ trainers have a deep knowledge of the body. They customize workouts designed specifically for you, based on what your body needs. The trainers are encouraging and easy going, and the gym itself has a wide variety of new equipment in a clean and beautiful space. I highly recommend you check it out today!”

  -Mike Taylor age 38, Oakhurst, CA



"Coach Mike is an A-Mazing Personal Trainer‼️ I’ve Personally been helped by him with ongoing chronic back & shoulder & knee pain & issues… the exercises he’s provided and guided me with have dramatically improved the pain & issues I’ve experienced for many years‼️I’ve often said that I enjoy Physical Exercise for the “Mental Health” Benefits more than the Physical Benefits; I now realize I’ve said that in the past because I never really lost weight, got stronger, or relieved my pain…

I’ve been working with Coach Mike doing Personal Training for 5 months now and want to share that I have not only been relieved of my back, shoulder & knee pain & issues; I’ve also LOST 25 Pounds, FEEL HEALTHY & Feel The Best I ever have in my 55+ years of life… THANKS to Coach Mike & his Personal Training plus Nutritional Guidance Plan‼️


  -Collette C.


“You CAN teach this old dog new tricks!
I have been into fitness for 30 years and always trained at home. I used books, dvds, and now YouTube videos; however, I traveled to Merced this week and thought I'd try a personal trainer. Mike took me through an hour of solid training and sweating! I halfway expected a male trainer to baby me, but he didn't and he showed me some techniques I never tried before.
Thanks again, Mike. You surprised me and worked me like a man!!!”

  -Teresa P.


"I love how he is really understanding and flexible! Great workouts! He guides you through every step and never walk away from you until you finish your workouts!"


  -Elva Rosas


"I am very happy to train here. The workout routines are ever-changing, fun, challenging and provide immediate results. Having a certified personal trainer is simply great.
There is no substitute for skills in a good coach. As long as you keep showing up, Mike will push you to achieve your goals after a careful and ongoing assessment of your fitness. With over 15 years of playing soccer, half of which at a decent level, and now having a personal trainer again, is of major importance for me. Because Mike is also capable of helping with sports injuries, different pain and aches, by applying different physical therapy techniques when needed. This is a nice startup for Ahwahnee and I hope Mike stays in business for quite some time."


  -Yuli Gotsev


"I've been training with Mike for about a month now, and I can definitely say that since I started working with him.. the changes have been truly amazing!! I already feel stronger than I've ever felt... and my clothes are loser which to me is always a strong indication that the training is working!

I can't say enough about how easy working with Mike is.. he is so patient and such an amazing person. He knows exactly what kind of training you need to fulfill your fitness goals. Every time I train with him, I notice a different muscle being worked and that to me is amazing!!

I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to fulfill their fitness goals and obtaining the body they've always wanted. He will absolutely get you there and keep you motivated and encouraged!!

Thank you Mike, not only are you an amazing person, but you are truly awesome at what you do!!"

  -Melanie Wilbourn


"Prior to doing personal training, I was diagnosed with sciatica and a shortened leg. Coach Mike is helping me to correct sciatica and fix the uneven hips. I am noticing a big difference in my gait, posture and body mechanics in such a short amount of time. I love the challenge and how Coach Mike makes working out a learning experience. He's a great trainer and I do highly recommend him."

  -Donna Barker


“Mike is my and my Sons personal trainer. He is knowledgeable, motivated, and keeps us motivated. Look forward to every training session. 💪 We Love MD Fitness!!!💛💚💙💜”

  -Jessica Haar


“Great trainer! Makes you feel like family. Very attentive to your needs. Mike has really helped in my recovery from a knee replacement surgery.”


  -Cindy Bishop


"Mike is a really good trainer to have. If you are in pain he will work with you to help it out and still get the workout done as close as he can. If you are running late, you let him know about it he understands well about it. Mike doesn’t make you do anything that will hurt you, if you can’t do a certain amount of weight he will lower the weight with no questions asked. So my opinion Mike will be a good trainer for anybody to work out with and feel good at his place."


  -Roy Saunders


"While entering the building for my workout today, Coach Mike noticed I was limping; this is an injury I’ve had since my 20's and have lived with a limp for over 40 years. Much to my surprise, Coach Mike addressed this without me ever asking. I didn’t realize it could be adjusted and corrected through proper stretching and loosening of muscles tendons, and ligaments. In a matter of 45 minutes, I was walking straighter and was able to stretch and bend in ways that I haven’t been able to in the past 40 years. Coach Mike takes fitness beyond crunches and jumping jacks, his approach to fitness is also about whole-body wellness, balance, and healing."

  -Vickie Lyons

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