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Unlock Your Potential, Experience Unmatched Success, Say Goodbye
to Frustration

"I’ve been working with Coach Mike doing Personal Training for 5 months now and want to share that I have not only been relieved of my back, shoulder & knee pain & issues; I’ve also LOST 25 Pounds, FEEL HEALTHY & Feel The Best I ever have in my 55+ years

of life…"

-Collette Cole, Nipinnawasee CA

6 Month Transformation Program

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What are the Customers Saying about MD Fitness' Services?

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"Really cannot say enough about Coach Diaz! Amazing person and amazing results. Lost 3% body fat and gained 2% muscle in the 1st 2 weeks"

-Lana Bowers, YLP

Gym near Oakhurst, CA

What makes MD Fitness Different?

At MD Fitness, we understand the importance of exercise as it pertains to each person's unique walk in life. Everyone is different so the same exact exercises and workouts will not be efficiently effective for each person. Let's be honest, some of our bodies are pretty messed up and need special attention which is exactly what we offer. Each member has their own Personal Trainer to work with. Our unique approach is something to be experienced for it will change your life. If you feel you want to change your life for the better then, please reach out to us, we promise not to bite! 


"Our whole family loves MD Fitness! Both of my teen daughters are athletes and needed help with very specific areas related to their sport. Within a month after they started working with them, we already saw a huge improvement in their athletic abilities as well as less pain in their knees, ankles, and backs. Mike and Angela have the knowledge and expertise to help anyone, whether they’re looking for specialized sports training, injury recovery, or just their overall health and wellness. My daughters now have a great foundation and appreciation for fitness and proper nutrition. Mike and Angela are always smiling and positive. We’re so thankful we found them; they truly care about their clients."

-RN/BSN Jenee Casner, Mariposa, CA

Transform Your Life, Kick Pain to the Curb & Unleash Your Potential with MD Fitness

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"From aching to beaming: Embrace the joy of living pain-free!"

Are you tired of constantly being held hostage by pain? Fed up with the daily struggle, feeling suffocated by the physical and emotional torment that pain brings? It's time to take a stand and say enough is enough. MD Fitness is here to rescue you from the clutches of Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, or Knee pain, offering a safe haven where you can find solace and reclaim your life. Don't let pain bully you into submission any longer. Join our dedicated community that understands your pain, and let us guide you towards a life free from suffering. You deserve relief, and we're here to help you seize it. Join MD Fitness today and break free from pain's oppressive grip and smile once again.

Let's just talk...

Fitness Gym near Oakhurst, CA
Fitness Gym near Oakhurst, CA
Coach Angela Updated T Colin Campbell Plant Based Nutrition Certificate Professional Badge
Fitness Gym near Oakhurst, CA
Fitness Gym near Oakhurst, CA


MD Fitness Gym

42308 Highway 49

Ahwahnee, CA 93601

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