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"Really cannot say enough about Coach Diaz! Amazing person and amazing results. Lost 3% body fat and gained 2% muscle in the 1st 2 weeks"

-Lana Bowers


Why Choose Me?

Some people seem like they were born to be something. Like a doctor or a lawyer or even a
veterinarian. But I think I was designed to be a trainer. Here’s what I mean:

I grew up running around my neighborhood in Hanford County. Like most kids back then, I was outside from sun-up to sundown, playing non-stop. Which would explain why I looked skinny to my mom. And that wasn’t a good thing. So she set out to fix it. With pancakes. Lots of them. Eventually, I could down a 10-stack in one sitting. I was becoming a machine!

But as long as I was running with my pack, it didn’t really show. I burned through those carbs like rocket fuel. Life was golden. Like a pancake.

Then one summer we moved. No more friends. No more movement. I just sat inside, pouting, eating, and getting fat. Finally, those pancakes were showing up on my waistline, my cheeks, and my whole body…

A few years later, though, we moved to the Gateway to Yosemite, which has lots of mountains, lakes, and rivers. This is where I met new, very active friends. Off came the weight, thanks to skateboarding, hiking, swimming, and biking, to name a few things. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Eventually, even I had to grow up. I spent around 11 years at a desk job. I was happy enough with it, but it wore me out. So when I went home, guess what I did? I sat. And sat. Until eventually, all the weight I had gained and the muscles I had lost became the perfect recipe for destruction: my back went out.

I was so confused. I wasn’t doing anything. Seriously. Well, I was sitting, and I was eating. Buffets were my thing. And if the office wanted us to work through lunch or stay late, all they had to do was order in Olive Garden.

So by now you surely do see the pattern here. The problem was I didn’t. It was just my life. And I was in the middle of it, not really getting it at all.

And that’s when my wife spoke up. She actually called me out. You see, even though my go-to activity was sitting, we did occasionally make plans to exercise, plans being the operative word. Somehow it just never happened. I was the King of Excuses. And my wife had had enough. This itty, bitty gal confronted me, and she did not back down.

I didn’t talk to her for two weeks.

But she was right. And strong. And that, thanks to Her, was my turning point.

Some weeks later, I went to the Farmer’s Market and learned about Alkaline water. BAM! I lost 29 pounds in 60 days just by drinking it. Talk about a motivational tool. If I could change that much in such a short time by changing one thing, what else could I do?

The game was on. I was all-in to find out.

Next, I hit the old Sport Chalet for a foam roller, some resistance bands, and a pull-up bar to go with an old pair of adjustable dumbbells I had. Exercise didn’t create excuses anymore. It created opportunity.

It was like my life was suddenly a magnet in the Law of Attraction. I would think about things, and
whatever I needed just showed up.

Like a job. Front desk sales at a Zumba/Personal Training gym through a friend. And because I worked there, one of the personal trainers trained me while I earned my NASM certification. The transformation was happening. I kept losing weight, learning the business of personal training, and took on the study of nutrition, athletic training, sports medicine, yoga, and conditioning, while I was at it.

Fast forward to the Coach I am today. I bring 18 years of fitness industry knowledge to my clients, as well as expertise as a fitness chef. I’d like to think of myself as a likable expert, not a know-it-all. I’m both a drill sergeant and a cheerleader, and I will always share everything I know that will bring you the results you’re after.

This brings me back to where I started. Maybe some people were born to be trainers. But I hope you can see that my life made me one. One who can relate to you. I’ve been where you are. I know how to move forward. It’s literally been my life’s journey.

And I can't wait to share it with you.


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257 Lbs


187 Lbs

"Prior to doing personal training, I was diagnosed with sciatica and a shortened leg. Coach Mike is helping me to correct sciatica and fix the uneven hips. I am noticing a big difference in my gait, posture and body mechanics in such a short amount of time. I love the challenge and how Coach Mike makes working out a learning experience. He's a great trainer and I do highly recommend him."

-Donna Barker


Services Offered



Minimize Me

If you're looking for safe rapid weight loss then you reached the right place. Minimize Me:

  • Avoids fad diets that set you up for failure, are not sustainable and leave you feeling guilty or like you have to hide to eat

  • Gives you intense workouts that speed up your metabolism to safely and rapidly MELT unwanted fat so that you can have the tone and waistline that you want

  • Build up your lean muscle mass to keep you strong, fit and mobile so that you can do the things in life you need to plus the things in life you want to do

  • Noticeable results in 2 weeks!

Repair Me

Health and Fitness aren't just about doing exercise, it's about doing the exercise correctly and doing the correct exercise for your condition. Repair Me is great for:

  • Safe injury recovery; heal and strengthen, the muscles, bones, and joint integrity so you can get back to life

  • Fix muscle imbalances that cause pain, inflammation, bad posture, decrease in Range Of Motion. Fix these so that you can remember what it is like to not be in pain

  • Customized Workouts to safely and progressively get you back in the game by being physically functional

Customize Me

This is your ultimate custom package. Comes with 1 on 1 Personal Training so you get the most from every workout which is designed for your specific goal(s). Customize Me can deliver:

  • Weight Loss

  • Muscle Gain

  • Endurance

  • 6 Pack Abs

  • Strength

  • Stamina

  • Cardio

  • Requested Measurements

  • Balance

  • Core Stability

  • Flexibility​

  • Confidence

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